Matt Meyers

Breaking both New & Major Artists, Music Strategist, Promoter, Producer, A&R, Studio Complex owner, Publisher, TV.​

Half English and Half Finnish, Matt Meyers wears many hats within the global music industry, as a music director for ITV, a successful producer, songwriter, MD for a major new music series called The Big Reunion, A&R guy, brand representative to the music industry (for FiLA, Russell Athletic, Urban Stone and Sub Species), publisher, DJ, chart promotion consultant, studio complex owner, club promoter, label boss and licensing specialist and all round visionary and forward thinking entrepreneur pushing to develop new business models within the ever changing climate of the music industry. 

Still a young man, Matt is already considered by many as being somewhat of a music industry veteran. He has spent his entire life surrounded by many of the Worlds most talented musicians, artists, managers, publishers, producers and label execs, and up until the tender age of 16 this was mainly down to the fact that his father has also lead a successful and highly diverse career in music spanning over 30 years, which included achievements such as winning the UK's song for Europe twice (Eurovision song contest) and discovering the likes of Billy Ocean to name but a few of his many accolades.

Matt's current industry activities are split into two areas. Firstly, his appetite for the music business is quenched through being the founder and managing director of Galactic Media, the umbrella company for several successful music related businesses, including Galactic Music, Audiofreaks, Go Music Solutions, Galactic Studios, Hit Vocals, Vineyard Studios (formerly The Hit Factory), and Freaktone Records, and secondly as a highly creative person in his own right, being one third of the hit making and award winning writing/production/DJ outfit known around the World as 'Soulshaker'.

Soulshaker comprises of Matt, his brother Warren, and lifelong friend Gizmo, and is managed by 'Chris Herbert' (the man behind The Spice Girls, 5ive etc).
Soulshaker is considered as being one of the hottest names in the World of dance music, after being a part of around 15 No1 MW chart singles, and in Feb 2013 this will be acknowledged when the guys are presented with the 'Best International Dance Producers Award' at the prestigious Music Awards in Europe. This awards ceremony is taking place in Malta and is being aired live on TV throughout Europe.
Soulshaker have worked on projects for the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Keri Hilson, Snoop Dog, Lindsay Lohan, Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan and Mark Morrisson to name but a few. They have DJ'd in many of the Worlds hottest clubs including all of Ibiza's legendary hot spots, and work with all of the key dance labels and major record labels, currently having singles on Universal and Warner Music to name but a few ongoing licenses.

Matt's company 'Galactic Media' comprises of the following trading names....

Audiofreaks is one of the few UK based writing and production camps really asserting their position within the global music industry and as recognition for this have just been made the Music Production Company / MDs of a major new ITV music series coming in 2013 called The Big Reunion. 
Initially leading the way through club and dance music production, which saw the company develop some of the hottest and coolest new names in dance music from the ground up, 2010 saw the company move cross genre by signing some of the World's most talented established and up & coming writers and producers, to cover all areas of commercial music. Now from Pop, Rock and Dance through to Urban, Soul and Adult Contemporary, Audiofreaks excel at a World class level. Our various teams (collectively known as The Audiofreaks) come from Sweden, Finland, Ireland and of course the UK, and we have secured over 200 cuts around the world as either song placements or master licensing deals in the last two years alone.

Galactic Music is the companies internal publishing infrastructure and has ventures in place with two of the Worlds leading publishers in Peer Music (with offices in 36 territories) and Nichion Music in Japan. 
Galactic Music publish all of Audiofreaks writers and producers and are highly proactive at pushing for cuts and setting up collaborations etc.

Go Music Solutions is based around a new business model, whereby our company and associate partner companies, specialise in promoting and marketing Artists and their respective singles at a club, DJ and radio level aimed towards achieving a chart hit within the UK's official Music Week Charts. Upon achieving the peak chart positions, the Go Music team compile all the key radio playlists and chart positions into an EPK (electronic press kit) which is then use to establish global territory by territory licensing deals for the single and Artist, working with Vertigo Music Licensing to do so. So far each single they have accepted to work on in the above way has achieved a top 15 chart position, and frequently top 5 in the UK, and gone onto get signed to numerous labels in multiple territories. This success often paves the way for the artist to have a successful live performance career earning money through gigs, on top of any future income paid to the artist by way of the record deals and or publishing income, and quite simply puts an artists in the core industries awareness as someone making genuine waves.

Galactic Studios is a brand new Studio Complex which has been built purely for the Galactic groups internal Audiofreaks / Galactic Music signed production and writing teams to enjoy. The new facility is being used for World class writing camps, working with artists direct, and general top end collaborations, as well as the development of in-house artists. The guys already have many of the biggest industry players in the World popping by to see them on a daily basis, and have already started lining up signed artists to work with their teams and external collaborators directly within their new hub. 

The Hit Factory, now known as Vineyard Studios is known globally as being the legendary studio complex where Pete Waterman enjoyed all of his success. Matt's family own the freehold on this building and have done so for over 40 years (they were Pete Waterman's landlords) and run the building as a commercial studio venture. They currently house successful producers, and successful brands such as Mn2S (the major booking agent).

Freaktone Records is a dance music label run through INgrooves Fontana marketing and distribution (Universal Music's distributer). Each release can be targeted at specific territories or as a simultaneous global release hitting thousands of key online retailers. Beatport, iTunes and Amazon are just a few of our key retailer partners.

Matt says "Life is all about sharing a journey with people you love :-) I sometimes feel like my head is going to explode, and I probably have created far too many businesses, but they are all doing well, and all of them serve a distinct purpose within our Galactic Music Group. If it wasn't for our amazingly passionate team of dedicated believers, none of this would be happening. We are all genuinely nice people, and feel like brothers and sisters on a mission to succeed on the highest stage within the global music industry. We just want the best for everyone, and want to have a happy life doing something we all Love. Our whole team have served their time in the music business 'trenches' for many years, and collectively have a single minded faith that we will still be doing this in many many years to come. We are dreamers who think big, but we've also learned that enjoying the day to day journey is the most important thing of all."​

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