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The Ones I Love

No.1 in Trackitdown overall Chart for Mismatch

The Ones I Love

Bonnie Anderson signed to 10 International Labels

Deborah Cox No.1 Billboard with Soulshaker produced single

No.1 ​USA Itunes download chart! 

Audiofreaks writers working with UK star Alesha Dixon!

No.1 in Japanese Official Album Chart

Freaktone Records dominating MW Charts

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Deborah Cox number1

Over 1 Million Streams

DASCO's remix of "Leave A light On" by Tom Walker has accumulated over a million streams on Spotify.

Deborah Cox number1

DASCO sign to Sony

DASCO sign with UK Sony label, Relentless Records ahead of their 2018 single release "Whatever You Like".

Deborah Cox number1

Number 1 in Billboard in the US!

Go Music Hit No1 in the US Billboard Charts with the Deborah Cox single 'Let The World Be Ours Tonight' on Radikal Records.

MAD number1

Emma Shapplin Hits Top 5 with Go Music

Go Music Hit No5 in the Music Week Charts with Neo Classical star Emma Shapplin  on her Casta Diva single, now licensed to many labels internationally.

Namie Amuro number1

Number 1 in Asia!

Audiofreaks writer Jenna Donelly celebrates another Japanese hit with Namie Amuro "Just You And I"!   As well as topping the charts for over a week the song is the official theme tune to a new Japanese TV soap opera.​

50 Top 10 singles

Go Hits 50 Successful Campaigns


For a company that has never advertised anywhere, and just been built through word of mouth, we are delighted to have just concluded our 50th Campaign on the classic Herb Alpert 'Rise' rework, which is now truly blowing up globally via ISOL and Go.





Go Music Solutions Licensing

Go Music Go Global 


We feel proud at Go Music to have licensed all of our campaign projects to one or many more key labels in key territories. A few of our campaigns have achieved more than 10 label deals, really help to cement us as the go to International Label Services Co.





MAD number1

Deborah Cox new dance single


Very excited at Go Music to be working a production and promotion campaign for Deborah Cox, considered by many as one of the the finest female artists alive today. Watch this space as the Audiofreaks team and our remix teams work their magic. 





Bonnie Anderson No2

Bonnie Anderson Hits #2 c/o Go


Sony / Illicit signed Bonnie Anderson has hit #2 in the UK's Top 100 Club Charts and #3 in the Commercial Pop Chart c/o our Go Music Mix package and International promo. We have also secured around 10 licensing deals already too.





Steve Tannett

Marshall Rec's created by Steve Tannett 


Our very own Steve Tannett, the industry veteran, alongside Abbey Roads Rob Cass, has started a brand new record company, Marshall Records, for the already iconic and International amplifier and touring brand. 




MAD number1

#1 in the trackitdown overall Chart



The Mismatch release 'Wannit Bad' on our Deepstate Records label, run & A&R'd by Danny Bond, has just hit #1 in the all genres sales chart.



Sam Callahan iTunes Chart

Sam Callahan hits Top 10 iTunes Chart


After hitting the Best Selling Pre-order singles chart, Sam Callahan's single and remix package goes Top10 in the iTunes Dance Albums Chart c/o Go Music.





MAD number1

Vinny Vero hits Billboard and Music Week 


Vinny Vero & Mykal Kilgore hit top 5 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Charts and Top 15 in Billboard with their 'Wait' single c/o Go Music





Steve Tannett

Marie Parie hits Top 10 Music Week 


Marie Parie, the amazingly quirky Parisian born artist residing in LA, hits Top 10 at #6 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart c/o Go Music Solutions campaign around her Ice Cream single.



MAD number1

Miss Mavrik Scores Top 5 


Miss Mavrik & LBS hit top 5 in the Music Week Commercial Pop

Charts with their Love Has Left Us single c/o Go Music





Namie Amuro #1

#1 in Japan's DVD Chart


The Namie Amuro Album Genic, has shot to #1 in Japan's DVD Chart containing singles from our team, Audiofreaks.





MAD number1

Cee Lo Green & Herman with Armada

MAD number1

Keoni #1 In Emerging Artists Chart 


Great to see the amazing vocallist Keoni hit #1 in the Emerging Artist chart whilst also charting Top 10 in the Music Week Charts c/o Go Music Solutions





MAD number1

Freaktone Records charting high


Almost every release on the Freaktone Records label has gone Top 10 in the UK's Dance Charts and topped various charts around the World





MAD number1

Top 5 for Ashleigh K in the club charts


Ashleigh K hits Top 5 in the Music Week Commercial Pop Chart with her Call On Me single, produced by the Award winning Soulshaker. 






MAD number1

Top 10 for Freya Goddard In Music Week


Fantastic news - Soulshaker & Freya Goddard have gone Top 10 at #6 in the Music Week Commercial Dance Charts with their #PureEmotion single, co-written and co-produced alongside Audiofreaks very own Jenna Donnelly.






MAD number1

#1 for Adrianna Edwards in the KOS Chart


Great to hit #1 in the Kings of Spins Radio Chart with Adrianna Edwards single 'What You Do To Me'.






MAD number1

Fire Foxx hits Top 5 in Music Week Chart


Soulshaker ft Fire Foxx 'Chasing My Desires' hits Top 5 in this week in the Music Week Commercial Dance Chart.






MAD number1

#1 on Bay Radio Malta for Monroe


Mob Culture ft Monroe 'Can't Divide Us' Hits No1 in Malta c/o Bay Radio's A-playlist support and heavy rotation. #GoMusicSolutions





MAD number1

Jo Breezer hits Top 10 with Soulshaker


Really cool to see another Soulshaker single drop in as the highest new entry this week at #6 in the UK's official Music Week Commercial Pop Charts, and this time featuring the amazingly talented Jo Breezer





MAD number1

G Easy & Bonnie Anderson


Watch the amazing 'Bonnie Anderson' performing live on Australian morning TV this week alongside G-Easy on his #US #No1 #Smash #HitSingle ‘Me, Myself and I’ #GoMusic #SonyMusic #RCM





MAD number1

Honeyz - Number 1! 

Congrats to the Honeyz!  Their comeback single "Definitely Something" currently sitting at number 1 in the UKs official Music Week commercial chart!   Song written and produced with Audiofreaks / Go Music Solutions. 


Maverick - Number 4 in Spain.

Congrats to Spanish artist "Maverick" whos debut album has entered the Spanish national chart at number 5. The title track of the album "18+1" was written and produced by Audiofreaks / Go Music Solutions.  

MAD number1

Number 1 Japan 

Congrats to Namie Amuro! Latest album Genic hits number one across Asia!  Record breaking first week sales and number 2 in WORLD chart!   Album contains music produced & written by Audiofreaks :-)

MAD number1

Number 1 UK Official Charts! 

Congrats to new boyband Mr Meanor for hitting the number 1 spot on the official UK physicals sales chart with the Audiofreaks written & Produced track "Here with you" !

MAD number1

Jena "Even If I Try" Hits #5 UK Pop

Congratulations to Jena & the team for their work on the "Even If I Try" Project which hit UK Music Week Pop chart at number five this week sitting nicely between Kiesza & Iggy Azalia.

MAD number1

Number 1 Japan Album Charts!!

Huge congratulations to the team for their work on the Tohoshinki album, selling 200,000 units in only a couple of days and going straight in to the top of the charts.

MAD number1

Number 1 German Album Charts!!

Audiofreaks inhouse Dance Act "DASCO" are currently at number one in the German itunes chart on the Kontor "top of the clubs" Album. Great work lads!

MAD number1

N:Fusion hits Top 5 in UK Dance Chart

N:Fusion feat. Laura Green climbs UK Music Week Dance chart into the top five this week.  Support from Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Fatboy Slim & many more! 

MAD number1

Number 1 UK Album Charts!!

Big congratulation to M.A.D and their army of MADones. Number one in the official Uk Record Store album charts!

Max George writing With Audiofreaks

Max George of The Wanted is currently in with our Audiofreaks family recording new material for his forthcoming solo project. Max is represented by Scooter Braun of the Justin Bieber camp :-)

No.1 USA I-tunes Chart!
Mike Stud's LP, Closer, #1 on the iTunes sales charts and is currently on the 1# Billboard hiphop charts. His song Submarine Co-written by Audiofreaks talented writer Benjamin Samama.
Massive new cut for Audiofreaks with major Indonesian star
Major cut with Asian super group Tohoshinki
Audiofreaks Just secured a Major cut with Asian Supergroup Tohoshinki
Paul Van Dyk single by Audiofreaks
Ben Samama
Superstar DJ/Producer Paul Van Dyk has a single co-written by Audiofreaks very own Ben Samama
Tommy Boy US, enter into Major label deal with Audiofreaks
New co-label deal set up with Tommy Boy, US, for Audiofreaks Deepstate label.
Alesha Dixon Recording With the Freaks
Happy to have 'Alesha Dixon' in with Audiofreaks insanely talented singer / songwriter / producer 'Jamie Sellers' today at Galactic Studios, working out the direction for her new record together
Sam Calver Signs to Audiofreaks
Really great to have signed the uber-talented artist, writer and producer Sam Calver to our Audiofreaks family. Aside from being one damn cool guy, Sam's highly distinctive, edgy, indie style vocal, is fast becoming in high demand with the key labels and producers.
No.1 In Japan!
Really great news for Audiofreaks to be No1 in the Japanese Album Charts today! TK1 on the album written and produced by Audiofreaks teams.
Michael Jacksons Nephews at our Studios
Michael Jacksons Nephews at our Studios with the Audiofreaks.
No12 in the official iTunes Singles Chart for Audiofreaks Jamie Sellers
HUGE congratulations for our fantastic Audiofreaks writer / producer Jamie Sellers for hitting No12 as a new entry in the official sales chart this week, with his 'Fame & TV' single by the super talented M.A.D
No1 Stormqueen singer and Mob Culture
Contract signed with 'Damon C Scott', the amazing singer of the Monster No1 UK Chart Hit 'Look Right Through' by Stormqueen.Damon C Scott & Mob Culture "Carry On" Mob Culture is one of our new in-house production/DJ names.Will be accepting serious label offers soon
New Jpop cut for Audiofreaks
Another Big Japanese Cut for our Audiofreaks writers this time Mick Lee. Congrats Mick!
Audiofreaks made Music Directors for ITV Music Shows again
Audiofreaks made Music Directors for ITV Music Shows again and currently doing all music for the second series of The Big Reunion.
Dyro "Calling Out"
Superstar DJ Producer Dyro  has a forthcoming single co-written with one of Audiofreaks teams
Surprise Surprise!
Audiofreaks teams produced the theme and inshow music for the iconic TV show "Surprise Surprise"
miss nine
Miss NIne co-writes 2 singles with Audiofreaks teams
Superstar DJ, Producer, Model Miss NIne co-writes 2 singles with Audiofreaks teams
Ian Carey
Ian Carey co-writes single with Audiofreaks Writers
Ian Carey co-writes single "playing with disaster" with Audiofreaks Writers
Drew Porter
Drew Porter Hits No2 in the UK's MW Commercial Pop Charts
Congratulations Drew Porter who's new single "What You Need Right Now" (cowritten by Audiofreaks) enters Music Week charts at number 2!
lead cut
Pete Tha Zouk cowrites with Audiofreaks
Globally Respected DJ Producer Pete Tha Zouk co-writes a several singles with Audiofreaks writer Ben Samama.
lead cut
Another Asia Cut! "LEAD"
We're delighted to announce that we have another cut in Asia, this time with popular Boy Band "Lead".  The song is called "Boom" and written and produced by Audiofreaks writers Craig McKenzie and Jenna Donnelly along with our favourite Canadian writer Ava Kay.
Ant & Dec make Harlem Shake Video with Audiofreaks Theme Tune
Ant & Dec make Harlem Shake Video with Audiofreaks Theme Tune
Peter Andre
Atomic Kitten at Galactic Studios
Iconic UK girl band Atomic Kitten at Galactic Studios
Peter Andre
Peter Andre's My Life Theme Tune produced by Audiofreaks for ITV2
Peter Andre's My Life Theme Tune produced by Audiofreaks for ITV2
Richie and Sean of 5ive hanging at our studio bar
Richie and Sean of 5ive hanging at our studio bar
Audiofreaks recreated all of The Big Reunion Acts Hit Singles
Part of our work for The Big Reunion was accurately recreating all of The Big Reunion Acts Hit Singles for the show and tour for ITV2. These recreations had to be World class and i'm pleased to say that everyone actually thought they sounded as good or even better than the originals!
Soulshaker Performing At Music Awards
Audiofreaks team Soulshaker Performing At Music Awards before receiving award for Best International Dance Act!!
big reunion
The Big Reunion at Hammersmith Apollo a huge success
Wow, what a fantastic night at Hammersmith Apollo for The Big Reunion with ITV Studios. All the hard work was so worth it a hundred times over. Really looking forward to the O2 event next where hopefully all our Audiofreaks teams will be able to attend :-)
ITV's Ant & Dec theme tune produced by Audiofreaks
ITV's Ant & Dec theme tune produced by Audiofreaks
The Big Reunion Theme Tune Produced
By Audiofreaks
The Big Reunion Theme Tune Produced By Audiofreaks
Audiofreaks made Music Production Company for ITV2 The Big Reunion
We are very happy to announce that Audiofreaks have been made Music Production Company for ITV2 The Big Reunion!
Mike Peters works with 'The voice' artist Chris Hordijk
Audiofreaks writer / producer worked with with Talpa Recording Artist and runner up of 'The Voice' of Holland, Chris Hordijk today. And what a voice this man's got!! Chris's sister also won X-Factor in Holland last year.
A-Roma Feat. RJ & Pitbull - 100% Freaky hits national charts in Spain and Japan
Audiofreaks Bianca Lindgren, recently teamed up with Pitbull and RJ on the new smash hit '100% Freaky'. The track was co-produced by Audiofreaks and is now top 10 in the national chart in Spain, New entry in the national charts in Japan and No.1 in the Japan Itunes dance chart.
"Defenceless" hits Number 1 spot In Malta
Postition number 1 in the Maltese national chart this week is proudly owned by Dj. Ruby feat.Laura Jee, written by Audiofreaks Mick Lee with the song Defenceless.   The track has proven a firm favourite with the Maltese audience and is one of the most played songs on the airwaves