Go Music Solutions are able to offer a wide range of music related services to help you in your career. Check out below for more information. 


Songs / Productions / Recreations

Audiofreaks can handle every aspect of World class production and songwriting. Whether it’s hit songs for major artists, or theme tunes for primetime TV shows, we have the teams with the ability to deliver at the highest level. If you need a song for an artist, a musical piece for a Film,TV, or a piece of music recreated, please get in touch.  Our recreation work can be seen in the ITV show "The Big Reunion”, where as music directors for ITV, we recreated over 30 hit songs to be used by the acts throughout their sellout arena tours. An example of our production work and songs can be found in the music section of this site. All prices are open to discussion depending on the project.


Our remix roster consists of some of the very best award winning remix teams on the planet. Our teams have won numerous awards and racked up countless chart hits around the World. We can transform any song into a club bomb that will destroy any dancefloor.  Our teams are always 'on the pulse' and have appeared on every radio station and every dancefloor around the world. At one point recently our remix teams occupied an unprecedented 60% of the UK’s Official Music Week Club Charts top 20 in the UK! Contact us for remix quotes from our teams.



Video Production

We have an in-house video production team, as well as working with several leading external companies and professionals where required. Our video services range from low-budget and lyric videos to full blown hollywood level music blockbusters perfect for MTV etc! Please contact us to see example videos and discuss your requirements.




Mixing & Mastering


Professional mixing and mastering can transform any 'demo' into a professional sounding, radio-ready record.  Our mastering and mixing engineers have years of experience and are highly respected in the industry, regularly mixing behind the scenes for major labels and A-list artists. If you are interested in having your record professionally mixed/mastered - or simply require advice, then please get in touch.  Our rates are very competitive indeed.

Consultancy & Promotion Services

Production Services

Promotion Campaigns & Consultancy


Whether you are an established artist, or a new unsigned artist looking to make a big splash and break through in the music industry - our highly sought after and unique campaigns will help you achieve your goals. Carefully crafted over many years, we have the key relationships and in-depth knowledge base to help put you or your song on the global map and create the right ammunition needed to take your career to much higher levels. Please get in touch for more information on these services and to set up a meeting.

Legal Advice


We work closely with select trusted music industry lawyers who are able to lend their services to you at discounted prices through Audiofreaks. If you need advice then don't hessitate to contact us.



Artwork & Brand Identity


Our graphic designers and marketing experts have created and shaped multiple new business's and brand identities. With over 20 years experience we can handle every aspect of brand development from logo design, websites, photoshoots and more. Our marketing advisors will offer advice to help steer your direction and help you standout in a crowded industry.






Our A&R services are usually reserved for our in-house teams, but we also sometimes open to outside writers or producers looking to learn and develop in the industry. If you have a song and you would like professional, no nonsense feeback (and advice)  then please get in touch. There is a nominal fee to cover the time of our industry finest A&R guys.



Music Directors


As an accolade for our many successes over recent years, we were approached by ITV to act as Music Directors and Music Producers for the Award Winning ITV2 series ‘The Big Reunion’. Due to ITV’s own legal reasons, we were given the immense task of recreating over 30 of the World’s Biggest Pop hits for each series, and rerecording the vocals with all the iconic acts too. These tracks were originally produced by the likes of Max Martin and Cheeron etc, and our teams had to ensure our recreations were at least as good, or in most cases even better. The acts themselves thought we actually bettered them all. Since delivering so well on this series, we have gone on to act as Music Directors on many more primetime shows for ITV etc.

Other Services

Artist / DJ Booking



We represent some of the current hottest talent making waves within the music industry, to include DASCO (Sony / Relentless), Soulshaker (DJ/Producers), Bassmonkeys (DJ/Producers), Mob Culture (DJ/Producer), So Co if you would like to book one of our artists for your event please get in touch.



Vocal Coaching

Our vocal coaches are highly sought after within the industry and have worked with many top artists. If you would like to hire a professional vocal coach please drop us a line.  Competitive rates.



Studio Hire


Galactic Studios is a cutting edge, modern, creative enviroment based in Kent, just 30 minutes from Victoria station It is the home of the Audiofreaks, and as such has fast become the most vibrant place to be in the UK’s Music Scene visited by many many Major Artists and Industry Executives!  If you would like to book one of the studios (and engineer) then drop us a line. For more information on the studios please visit www.galacticstudios.co.uk





We specialise in licensing our songs to international record labels.  If you have a song that we feel is strong enough to represent we would be happy to hear it and license it to record labels on your behalf. We have an extremely good track record and great relationships with most labels worldwide. Contact us for more information.





Our publishing company "Galactic Music" (affiliated with Peer music and Nichion Music)  is currently dedciated to representing Audiofreaks writers and production teams, therefore we are not currently taking on any external writers for publishing administration right now.  However, Audiofreaks are always interested in hearing from new talent so if you feel you have what it takes to join the Audiofreaks team then feel free to get in touch.

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